Code Talkers


Code Talker

A Novel About the Navajo Marines of WWII

The Code Talker Book

I actually wasn’t interested in this book at first, but my mom made me read it. Later, a couple pages in, my mom couldn’t get my nose out of this book to get me to set the table. As the title suggests, the book is about a Navajo code talker, code talkers in general, and the huge service they did for the United States. The main character starts as a young Navajo boy, leaving for a bilagáana (white man) boarding school. He goes through middle school, high school, then enlists in the marines. This book is really, really good. I would definitely recommend it with a five star review. There are no other books i’ve read on this subject, so I can’t  compare it. What I think the author was trying to do was kind of spread the story of the Navajo code talkers so people would know the truth about the role they played in WWII.

6 thoughts on “Code Talkers

  1. Hi Liam, I’m so glad you ended up enjoying the book! I think you are exactly right; the author wants many people to hear the story (and appreciate the irony) about how the Navajo served the nation that had tried so severely to wipe out their language, culture, and lives. I think he also wanted to share his pride in these men and get them the recognition they deserve.

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      1. That’s a good point, Liam. Sometimes the Hollywood movie-making establishment changes the focus of a story because they think they can make more money. They believe that the original story about a group of Native Americans won’t bring in a large audience if the focus isn’t on a white male.


  2. Liam, you are an awesome writer! YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE! I’M MESMERIZED!!!!
    Add some more detail!!! And maybe make some paragraphs so we understand which question your answering- maybe even include the questions of the questions before the answer to that question 🙂

    You talked about “a young Navajo boy”, but what Was HIs NAME? Holman, Jeffery, Anderson?????
    And would you want to meet him? Why or why not? Is he nice, kind, mean, rude, smart?

    Why would your recommend it? You obviously liked it 🙂 But WHY? The intelligence? The addicting words that were stringed along each other that formed the brilliant story?

    Overall, I LOVED your blog post, and I LOVE your writing. You just gotta write MORE 🙂 😀

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