The Giver

I would not like to live in the community because ThErE iS nOtHiNg FuN tO dO eVeR!!!!!! There would be no skiing, snowboarding, rolling down hills, or even waterfalls!!! They live in 50 shades of gray! One question I have is why murder people instead of just sending them to another community. And if there aren’t any other communities, I’d like to know what caused the apocalypse. (As you can probably tell) this book is about a future dystopia. It kind of reminds me of the series the maze runner, in the sense that they are being controlled–in the the maze runner; they’re trapped in a big experiment in controlled environments, in the Giver; their lives are being controlled, the only choice they get is to choose where they go for volunteer hours. I would recommend this book, but I would only give it a 3.5 star review. The Sylo Chronicles by D. J. MacHale are much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  much,  better. The books in that series are:





And yes, it is spelled Sylo, with a y. I’m not THAT bad at speling.

2 thoughts on “The Giver

  1. Hi Liam,
    It would be good to start with some background on the community before you tell them you wouldn’t like to live there. I’m curious as to why you only give the book 3.5 stars? Why are the Sylo books so much better? I’d love to know!


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