This book was recommended to me by somebody who worked at the very good bookstore Christopher’s Books. It is a sci-fi where people with superpowers pretty much rule the world, but using their powers makes them go insane and murder a bunch of people. These villains are commonly known as Epics. The main character is an 18 year-old  named David. He tries to join up with a shadowy group known as the Reckoners. Their objective is to trap and kill important Epics. This is one of the best supervillain series I have read this year. The other books in the series are Firefight and (coming out soon) Calamity. I would give this book a five and a half out of five star rating. It reminds me of the book V is for Villain in the sense that the villains are the ones with the major powers. I think the author is trying to tell you that the people with power(s) can sometimes tend to be evil.

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