My name is Liam Calder Hoffmann. My first name means strong-willed warrior and resolute protector. It is an Irish name. I don’t know why my parents chose that specific name, I’ve never really brought it up. My middle name is from the famous sculptor and artist Alexander Calder. It is also an Irish name meaning rough waters. I guess they were hoping I would end up a famous artist. I sorta fit in that role because I love building things. My last name has german origins. In medieval times, it meant “servant” of “steward”. It came from my dad’s side of the family.

2 thoughts on “Names

  1. Hi Liam, We chose the Irish name, Liam, because it meant strong defender (and because my great-grandmother came from County Kerry, Ireland), but also because we knew you were going to be a very tall man. We didn’t want people to be intimidated by your size, so we also wanted a name that had a more gentle sound to go with being a “gentleman.” We chose Calder for your middle name because we love Alexander Calder’s mobiles. Since we knew you were going to be a boy in perpetual motion, we thought this would be a fitting middle name. We also wanted you to approach life creatively, not necessarily as a traditional artist, although you do have the sensibilities of a traditional artist. And now that I know what Hoffmann means, I would hope that you will also be a steward of our planet. Help keep it a good place for future generations.

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