I just recently moved to the Excelsior from Dogpatch where I’d been living for my entire life. My family had been renting our apartment. We moved to my first house in late 2015. One of the major changes is that we now have a yard. I think a lot of people consider owners better than renters, renters better than homeless, and homeless at the bottom of the pile. Personally, I don’t think that way. I think that everybody is as good as everybody else, just that some people don’t have as much as others. My dream house would be ultra-modern, have 2,300 sq. feet, a huge yard, and a huge underground library with a secret door entrance.

One thought on “I JUST MOVED YAY

  1. I can’t believe you failed to mention the two most important changes: 1) we now have more than one bathroom (yay!) and 2) we don’t have any more landlord rules prohibiting dogs.

    Would you let me into your library if I could knock a secret knock?


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