The Freedom to Be Free

I think I am most free when I am in a library, or when my family travels to Maine to visit my cousins. My family owns a bit of property on Bremen Long Island, and when we visit, I can pretty much do whatever I want. Short of dueling with hatchets with my cousin Nathan or trying to jump off the roof of one of the island water towers. I think I am the least free at school when the teachers tell you “you HAVE to do this, you HAVE to do that”. Uuuuuuuguguggggggggggghgghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And then homework! “you HAVE to do this homework, or you’ll get a Broken Agreement. Ugh. Don’t get me started on those. I think that as you get older, you gain more freedom. You also have more freedom to pick your job if you have a better education. In some upbringings, it is normal for kids to wander the streets doing whatever they want to do, while in others, it is completely unacceptable to do so. Sometimes parents expect girls to be well-behaved while boys it’s totally normal to be rowdy.





One thought on “The Freedom to Be Free

  1. Interesting post, Liam. I’m wondering how your freedom compares to someone who is homeless or perhaps incarcerated. Also, if you don’t do your homework and get a good education, how will that have an effect on your freedom in the future? Is the need to earn a living, to have a job, to pay for a living space, to pay for food and clothing and medical care a choice? Would you be free to go to the island in Maine if you didn’t have the resources to get there? Are adults free to not pay taxes or for maintenance on the property in Maine? What happens if they don’t do that? Are adults free to not work? What happens if they don’t? Food for thought.


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