Inspiring My Inspirations

Three things that inspire me are cool things people have built, REALLY REALLY good books like the Martian, and good movies like the Martian. One thing I really want to be in the future is an Amazon delivery drone pilot. An obstacle that might be between me and that goal is that the Amazon drones might be autonomous by the time I am old enough to have a job. Of course, the software for the drones might be spotty and Amazon hopefully will want live pilots so they don’t lose drones to billboards and lampposts. I also want to be a contestant in the Maker Faire Game of Drones fights. That would be AWESOME because Game of Drones is a massive fight between dozens of different drones.images

One thought on “Inspiring My Inspirations

  1. Interesting, Liam. What might stand in your way of being a contestant in a Maker Faire Drone Fight? I’m also wondering if doing this would be satisfying or interesting for long? Could you earn a living this way? Would this be something you’d like to do for the rest of your life? Inquiring minds want to know.


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