Sniffer Dogs

I chose this book because I LOVE DOGS THEY R AWESOME. I just moved into a house where I can finally get a dog!! It is a compilation of short biographies of several sniffer dogs (hence the title). The book is split up into several different categories of dogs, including live-find dogs and bone sniffers. This book is amazing and I would give it six out of five stars. And yes, I am aware that rating is an improper fraction. The. Book. Is. Good. Get it now. This book is similar to the movie Max, because both are about sniffer dogs. If you are a person who likes dogs, you would LOVE this book. It is full of heroic dogs. In one story, a blind man named Morris starts a school for guide dogs. His inspiration was his own guide dog, who he adopted in Switzerland. If you try this book, I hope you like it, because I definitely did!

One thought on “Sniffer Dogs

  1. Liam, I love your enthusiasm for this book, but I would suggest that you still use proper punctuation. It would also be a good idea to re-read your post before publishing it. That way, you can make sure that your words reflect a logical flow of thoughts, rather than giving the reader the feeling that your ideas are a bit jumbled. For example, your first two sentences are about the book, the third sentence is a personal statement about your current home-dog situation, and the fourth sentence returns to talking about the book. You might want to re-think how you’ve structured this paragraph.


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