James Herriot’s Cat Stories

Today I am reviewing a book called James Herriot’s Cat Stories. It is a collection of short stories about, you guessed it, cats, told from the perspective of a veterinarian. I came across it a couple days ago and decided it was time to read it again.

The first of ten anecdotes is about a sweet-shop owner’s cat named Alfred. He begins to get more and more sick, until Herriot and his one of his vet friends decide to operate. They find a giant hairball clogging his stomach and remove it. Eventually Alfred returns to normal, and all is well again. Another story is about a woman who has a cat establishment. She has TONS of cats of all different sizes and breeds. They pile on her sofa, run around freely, make mischief.

This book is amazing, a must have for any cat person. It keeps you hooked, and can be very funny at times. I would give it 5/5 stars. Beautifully written, though the language might be a little hard to understand for younger kids, I would recommend it to anybody ten and up.

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