Everything On It

The book Everything On It, by Shel Silverstein, is a collection of poems. There are some funny ones, some weird ones, some depressing ones, even some downright creepy ones. The poem the book was named after (everything on it) is a funny poem about a person who orders a hotdog with everything on it. When he gets his hotdog, he realizes that he made a mistake because he literally got EVERYTHING on it. He gets snakes and shoes and umbrellas and chairs and top hats and a ton of other stuff.

Another poem example is this one called Dirty Feet. It it about a group of kids who have very dirty feet and have a competition to see who has the most crud on their feet. The runner-up has 13 bounds of foot crud. But the winner? When the other kids had finally gotten all his foot dirt off, he had no feet. That was one of the grossest poems I have ever read in my life. Overall, I would give the the book about 4/5 stars. It’s a pretty good book and most of the illustrations are very funny.

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