Ender’s Game

This is one of the better sci fi books I have read. I really like sci-fi and books where they have really cool tech. This book is about a young kid who is really smart. His name is Ender. He has to save Earth from aliens who want to colonize it. He goes to Battle School, which is like elementary school to train future commanders of the IF, the International Fleet. He is picked on from the first day, but moves up in the ranks very quickly. At Battle School, all the kids are organized into “armies” that battle each other. They have special suits that freeze when hit with a laser beam from an enemy’s gun. Once one army has “frozen” the opposing army, four kids have to push their helmets against the enemy’s gate, and a fifth has to cross through. If you don’t have enough “soldiers” to do that, the battle is declared a tie. Ender is quickly promoted to commander of Dragon Army and proceeds to win every single battle.

I’m not going to say any more, because that would ruin the book more than I already have. Ender (of course) is the main character in the book, though I probably wouldn’t want to meet him. He just doesn’t seem like a person I would like. It kinda reminds me of the movie Independence Day, but not as good. I think the author is trying to say “don’t give up even when everything gets really depressing.” All in all, I think it’s a pretty good book, but it’s not super-duper-incredibly-amazing.

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