Unlikely Heroes

I chose this book to review because it is one of my FAVORITE books. It was also one of the books that has made me cry. It is a collection of short stories about animals of all kinds who do heroic deeds. My favorite story is the one about a litter of puppies who are found in the basement of an abandoned home. One of the puppies was found with all four paws frozen in a puddle. In order to save him the vets had to amputate all his paws. I won’t spoil the rest because it’s an amazing story (it’s the one that made me cry). I would like to meet that dog because he sounds very inspirational. And because I love dogs. This is a SUPER FANTASTICALLY AMAZING BOOK. I would give it 20 out 5 stars. Yes, I know that isn’t mathematically correct but that’s how good the book is. This book kind of reminds me of an old book I used to have about a dog called Balto. They are similar in that they both are stories about heroic animals. I think the author wrote this book to show people how beautiful and amazing animals can be, even ones that are wild and have no reason to save people or other animals, but they still do.

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