Continuum Blog Post

It is okay to steal if you are in need. I think that it is okay to steal if you are in need unless the person you’re stealing from is also in need. Then it wouldn’t be okay. For example, say there was a world war and the army needed all the food and you had no food and you couldn’t get any because the prices on food went up a lot and you couldn’t afford it. Then it would be okay to steal food or money to buy food from a super rude, super wealthy family. But if there weren’t any wealthy families to steal from, it wouldn’t be right to steal from someone who also needs food or money or whatever you need. In the book thief, Liesel steals books because she wants to learn and to know but she doesn’t have enough money for them. The first book she steals, The Grave Digger’s Handbook, reminds her of the last time she saw her mother and brother.

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