Dancing Dogs

I chose this book because I saw it on my bookshelf, and I hadn’t read it yet so I figured I would write a review. It is a collection of short stories about dog owners and their dog-related problems. For example, one is about a woman and her herd of dogs that she had trained to dance. They got invited to do a show for a large party, but the dogs weren’t used to performing for such a big audience and forgot their training, running around and causing havoc. One of the dogs in that story is called Ned and I would really like to meet him because he sounds flouncy and adorable. It is a really good book except for some sad parts so I would give it a 4.5/5. This book is kind of like James Harriet’s Dog Stories, in that it is a collection of short stories about dogs. One of the ways this book differs from Dog Stories is the wording. James Herriot is from the UK whereas Jon Katz is from the US, so Dog Stories ends up with words like “rubbish bins” instead of “trash cans”. If you had a hard time understanding the wording of James Herriot’s Dog Stories but like the overall tale, (haha see what I did there) you should try reading Dancing Dogs. I think Jon Katz is trying to give you an image of life for dogs, the good, happy times and the horrible terrible no good very bad.

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