Leviathan Wakes

I chose to review this book because it is the first book of the best sci-fi series that has ever been written. The series is called The Expanse and is now a TV show with two seasons. The TV series is amazing too, but the books are better. To set the stage for my explanation, you need to know the setting. It is several hundred years in the future, and humans have colonized the solar system. The UN controls Earth, and Mars is an independent military state, and they both control the resource-rich astroid belt, where people live in low gravity and harsh conditions, working their butts off on ships that collect resources like ice and metals for the inner planets.

At the beginning of the novel, the main characters, James Holden, a former officer in the UN Navy, Naomi Nagata, an engineer, Alex Kamal, a veteran Martian Navy pilot, Amos Burton, another engineer, and medic Shed Garvey are on an ice hauler, the Canterbury. While returning to Ceres Station, they receive a distress signal. They are chosen by the captain to investigate the beacon. At the source of the signal, they find nothing but a transmitter that was broadcasting the SOS. They set out for the Canterbury, but before they can return she gets nuked into oblivion by an unmarked stealth ship. I’m not gonna spoil it any more. But the book is awesome. Alien bioweapons, mass destruction, and people just wanting to not get blown up.

One of the secondary main characters is a woman named Chrisjen Avasarala. She is the Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration in the UN. She can be scathing and harsh, but extremely funny at the same time. I would like to meet her because she would probably insult me, but (hopefully) it would also be funny.

This is an amazing book, and I would give it twenty out of five stars. It is in the top two sci-fi books I have ever read, rivaled only by the second book in the series, Caliban’s War. The third book, Abbadon’s Gate, is probably going to be even better, but I haven’t had the chance to read it yet. So far, the series kinda reminds me of The Martian in that humans have traveled to Mars, but The Expanse is much farther in the future.

I think the author is trying to show you that humans, no matter how advanced they become, will always try to kill each other for money, power and resources. Whether it’s rocks and sticks, or guns and nukes, we will always try to beat each other down, for what the other person has. Another message is that some people will always be kind to others, even in the hardest of times. I disagree with the first message, because not all humans are like that, but unfortunately, some are.

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