Considering Controversy

Why are books banned?

Books are usually banned for having sensitive topics, including things like discussing rape and racial slurs. I have also heard of books being banned for LGBTQ “issues” including the stupid reason of, “oh, it has a gay couple, ban it.”

Why would we read a book that has been banned for racial slurs, profanity, and the discussion of rape?

We would read such a book to better understand the “bad” topics and the arguments involved in why it is banned, and why it should or shouldn’t be banned.

How do words and what is shocking change over time?

In To Kill a Mockingbird, the word negro and the N-word are often used to address African-American people. Nowadays, those words would be considered horrible things to say.

What books have you read that were banned?

The only banned books I’ve read that I know of are the Harry Potter books. There are probably others, but I do not know which ones.

How can we create a safe space while reading this book?

We can create a safe space by not using the bad words that are in the book.

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