Unlikely Friendships

This book is the first of three books. The second is Unlikely Loves, and the third is Unlikely Heroes. This book is about groups of friends in the animal kingdom who you would not expect to be friends. For example, one story is about a Black Bear and a black cat who were friends. I would really like to see a video of them because it sounds so cute! And too good to be true. It is a really great book full of cute, funny stories of cute, funny friends. I would give this book five out of five stars. This book is in the same collection as Unlikely Heroes. I think what the author is trying to tell you is that two animals, even ones that are complete opposites, can be friends.

3 thoughts on “Unlikely Friendships

  1. Hi Liam! I think I have a book like that at home of unlikely animal friendships. It’s a cute book. You could experiment with making your blog post bigger, give people at more information on the book you are explaining so they are inspired to read it themselves. You can feel free to have fun with writing while still doing school assignments. Also, it is more clear to the reader when you add the questions you are answering into your post. What was you favorite animal friendship?


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