Fair Trials

I have never been in a courtroom in real life. I have, however, seen one in the movie Holes. I watched it in 5th grade, though, so I don’t really remember what it was like. The American justice system is not fair. There are many ways in which it is unjust. Unfair laws are enforced, the police are biased, juries and judges are always biased despite trying to be impartial, etc. There are also ways the system tries to be fair. You have the right to a trial, instead of getting shot in the head and dumped into a river. There are laws in place to try and provide trials with fair juries. Some police may be fairer and won’t treat you differently depending on what you look like. A fair trial is one where no one is biased for or against you, and you don’t get different treatment because of your race, gender, or wealth.

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